A Special Note on Plagiarism

The Alliance’s plagiarism policy states:

“All work is executed by the student, except in Photography where students are not required to develop, process or enlarge their photos themselves. By applying to The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, each student undertakes (a) to present an original work that (i) has been created by her or himself and (ii) does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of any other individual or entity and (b)if such student’s work incorporates material, including but not limited to photographs, not created by the student, to include an additional copy of any and all such source material in her or his application.”

When you sign your submission form, you agree to have read and fully understood all requirements for the program, including the authorship/originality policy sections. If a student violates the policy, the student’s award(s) will be revoked and all designation will be removed from any publications or places where they are displayed or mentioned. The Alliance will also revoke authorization or consent to display or distribute the work or any mention of the award designations related to the work.


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