Art Portfolio

(For Graduating Seniors Only)

Category Description
Art portfolios must include 8 different artworks from any combination of the individual Art categories listed on this page (except for Video Game Design). A portfolio may also consist entirely of works from the same category. Video Game Design may not be submitted as part of an Art Portfolio.

Special Instructions
• Please note that starting this year portfolios consisting of photography submissions should be submitted as “Art Portfolios.” There will be no separate Photography Portfolio category this year.
• In addition to the artwork, students must submit a 300 – 750 word Artist Statement answering the following questions:
• Why did you select the work you submitted for your Art Portfolio?
• How do you hope people will react when they view your work?
• What role does art play in your life?
• Artist statements may be entered on the Upload page.
• Students may submit individual pieces in their portfolios to be considered for individual awards. However, for a piece to be considered for an individual award, it must be separately registered in that category.
• Seniors may resubmit artworks submitted in a previous Scholastic Awards competition as part of their Art Portfolio, but should note the previous title and award.

Each work within the Art Portfolio is subject to the same upload rules as its equivalent in individual categories. For example, a sculpture entry as part of a portfolio is allowed up to four images, while a photography entry is allowed one image. Video Game Design may not be submitted as part of an Art Portfolio.

Graduating Seniors are allowed to submit two Art Portfolios per student. If a student is submitting two portfolios, each work can only be included in one portfolio. In other words, the same work cannot be submitted in both portfolios – all 8 works in each portfolio must be unique.

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