Film and Animation

Category Description
Time-based media that is a sequence of moving images viewed with a monitor, television, or projector.

Examples (including but not limited to)
Hand-drawn, computer-generated, stop-motion animation, etc. Documentary films, narrative films, commercials, experimental video, etc.

• For each Film & Animation submission, you can upload up to two video files:
1. A five-minute-or-under version of your film. The file size limit for this upload is 350MB.
2. We also encourage you to upload the full-length verion of your film. If your full film is under five minutes long, this second upload does not apply to you – please do NOT upload a higher resolution of the same film. The file size limit for this upload is 800MB.
• Your film must be in one of the following formats: .mp4, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .mpg, .mpeg.
• We also require that you enter the film synopsis in the provided text editor on the Upload page.

Special Instructions
• Please do not mail us a DVD. All media must be uploaded directly to the online registration system.
• During registration, identify equipment and software used in the “List Materials” section.
• Since the Awards are blindly judged, please do not include any credits in your film.

Copyrighted Music
Students cannot use copyrighted music in their work without the permission of the original artist. Students who obtain copyrights to music must obtain documentation from the artist and send it with their submission form. The Alliance for Young Artists & Writers strongly encourages use of original or public domain music. See copyright release section of guidelines.Photography and Film Consent Form
In addition to the registration form, you must complete and include a Photography and Film Consent Form for each recognizable person.

Film & Animation submissions can be collaborative and include up to 5 students per submission. A collaborative Film & Animation entry should only be registered ONCE for judging: choose one student to create an account and upload the work — this student can then identify up to four collaborators on the Edit Info page. If the other collaborators are not listed when the work is submitted they will not be eligible to receive an Award. ALL COLLABORATORS MUST MEET THE ENTRY REQUIREMENTS. Please if you have any questions about collaborative submissions.

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