Video Game Design

Category Description
An interactive media experience that makes use of game play and digital media (e.g., visual art, sound design, digital storytelling, etc.).

Special Instructions
Video Game submissions may be entered in any of the three following ways:

1. Video Game Concept Documents: Concept documents that provide a clear description for the core game play, visual style and (if appropriate to the game) characters and storyline. Submissions can be hand-drawn and/or computer generated but must include an overview of the core game play.
2. Gamestar Mechanic Game: Through a partnership with E-Line Media, students may create playable games through the freeScholastic Awards Edition of Gamestar Mechanicand submit games directly through the Gamestar Mechanic website.
3. Playable Game: Students may create playable games using the following recommended programs: Scratch, Flash, Game Salad and Game Maker. Alternatively, students may submit work in another platform where the final game can be played by the judges on a browser or a personal computer without the purchase of any proprietary software or having to register for a private community.


1. For Video Game Concept Document submissions, you can upload up to fourfiles (video, photo, or pdf). You must also enter a 250-500 word gameplay summary in the provided text editor on the Upload page.
2. For Gamestar Mechanic submissions, once your game is created on the Gamestar Mechanic website, you should also register on the Scholastic Awardssite and enter your Gamestar Mechanic user id in the provided field on the Upload page. By entering your Gamestar Mechanic id on the Scholastic Awards’ site, you will unlock a special reward on the Gamestar Mechanic site! Check back again soon for more details about this.
3. For Playable Games, you can upload one file (.exe, .zip, .rar, or .swf). You must also enter a 250-500 word gameplay summary in the provided text editor on the Upload page.

Video Game Design submissions can be collaborative and include up to 5 students per submission. A collaborative Video Game Design entry should only be registered ONCE for judging: choose one student to create an account and upload the work — this student can then identify up to four collaborators on the Edit Info page. If the other collaborators are not listed when the work is submitted they will not be eligible to receive an Award. ALL COLLABORATORS MUST MEET THE ENTRY REQUIREMENTS. Please if you have any questions about collaborative submissions.

Video Game Design submissions are judged in New York. The same deadline applies for Video Game Design as for all other Art categories. Submission forms and fees for Video Game Design should be mailed directly to:
Alliance for Young Artists & Writers
Attn: Video Game Design Submission
557 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

Please email if you have any questions.

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