Is there a specific theme students have to address?

There are no restrictions on content or subject matter in The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Students may approach any subject they choose.

Can students create work by rendering from photographs?

Creating work from photographs is allowed in The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, if the image is taken by the student. Rendering copyrighted images is not acceptable. Copyright law does allow for the fair use of copyrighted material in limited and transformative purposes.

If a student creates a work with two mediums such as pencil and paint, is that considered mixed media?

No. Mixed Media consists of collage or assemblage where materials added together protrude from the 2-D plane. A work done with both painting and drawing must be submitted in only one of those categories.

What are the differences between photography, digital imagery, and computer art categories?

Photography: Printed images where all or part of the process is done by “traditional” means such as capturing on 35mm camera or chemical development of film or paper. Photography works may be captured by 35mm camera, film developed, scanned and image printed by a computer printer. Digital Imagery: Any images captured by a digital camera and printed by a computer printer. Computer Art: If the work is a digital collage, submit to Computer Art.

How does the student choose which works to include in an Art or Photography Portfolio submission?

Students should submit their best works that exemplify originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal vision. National jurors are often looking at the consistency of artwork/photography across the portfolio.

What happens to Gold Key work?

National adjudication of Gold Key qualifying works takes place in New York City in March 2019. Gold Key works are judged digitally by the national jurors.

Which students’ artworks will be exhibited in the National Art Exhibition?

National Gold Awards and National American Visions & Voices Awards will be exhibited at the National Art Exhibition in June 2019 in NYC.

Who is eligible to participate in the Scholastics program?

Students enrolled in 7th – 12th grades, 13 years and up, can enter their work into the competition. Work can either be entered on behalf of the student by their art teacher(s), or students/parents can enter work directly. If a student or parent registers the work they must still give their printed registration form to their art teacher for inclusion in the teacher’s entry packet.

How do I enter my artwork?

All individual entries and portfolios must be registered online at www.artandwriting.org, beginning September 1st. See the submissions page for complete instructions.

What about portfolios?

Graduating seniors may submit eight works in any combination of media as a portfolio.  Portfolios will be accepted only from seniors graduating during the current academic year.

Does it cost to participate?

There is an entry fee of $7 per individual submission and $25 per portfolio submission. Students who qualify for the Federal Student Lunch Program may have the submission fee waived. Contact your art teacher for more information.

What is the registration deadline?

The registration deadline is December 11, 2020.  Please see the list of important dates on the home page.

How will I find out if we won at the Regional Level?

Winning artwork will be posted to this website by January 4th, 2021.

When does winning artwork need to be delivered for the exhibition at Warehouse 508?

If your work or your students’ work is chosen as a winner, please plan to bring the original to Warehouse 508 @ 508 1st St. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102 , or send the original to 920 Calle Coronado SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123 by 5 PM,  January 22, 2021.

When will the winning work be on display?

All winning work will be shown at Warehouse 508 beginning February 5, 2021 through March 13, 2021.

After the conclusion of the exhibition, how do I get my artwork back?

Please plan to pick up your piece(s) from Warehouse 508 on March 13, 2021 after the awards ceremony. For the security and enjoyment of all participants winning artwork may not be removed from the gallery prior to the end of the exhibition.

Can I or my student win a college scholarship during the regional competition?

Yes!  Currently scholarships are being offered by the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design.  Please see the right side bar of the home page for specific scholarships being offered and their criteria.

Is there any risk my artwork could be damaged, lost or stolen?

Every effort will be made to ensure the safe handling and display of every single piece of artwork. The gallery spaces at Warehouse 508 are secured and patron access is monitored. Anyone caught removing artwork from the gallery prior to the end of the exhibition will be remanded to the appropriate authorities. Please note that if you or your student’s artwork is selected for exhibition it may not be removed from the gallery prior to the end of the show.

Tell me more about the Writing Awards portion of Scholastics.

At this time, New Mexico does not participate in the writing portion on a regional level. Students may register themselves as a Student at Large at www.artandwriting.org

National/Gold Key FAQ

Congratulations on your achievement in The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards! The Gold Key has been the symbol of achievement in The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards since they were established in 1923. Individual works earning Gold Keys, Portfolios earning Gold Keys, and American Visions & Voices Nominations qualify for national level adjudication.

What happens to Gold Key works at Nationals?

In New York City, panels of nationally renowned artists, art professionals, and educators review approximately 10,000 Gold Key works from across the country. Jurors select work for national recognition based on three criteria, 1) Originality, 2) Technique, and 3) Emergence of a Personal Vision or Voice.

How many awards are given on the national level?

There are no specific mandates on the number of awards. In art, approximately 200 art portfolios, 50 photography portfolios and 800 individual works are selected for national recognition.

What do students receive if they earn a National Award?

Students whose work merits a national award are recognized with certificates and medals and are considered for national exhibition.

Do students earning National Awards receive scholarships?

The Portfolio Gold Award is the top prize awarded by the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers. Twelve graduating seniors receive the Portfolio Gold Award in art, photography, and writing, which carries with it $10,000 scholarships. $1,000 scholarships are also given to select Notable Achievement Portfolio Award recipients, as determined by the national panel.

Seniors earning National Gold Awards in individual categories, Portfolio Silver Awards, and Portfolio Gold Awards in both art and writing are eligible for additional scholarship consideration at colleges and art institutes belonging to the Alliance Scholarship Provider Network. (To take advantage of additional scholarship opportunities provided by these colleges/universities, students need to have already applied And been accepted.)

Seventh grade students identified through The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards may become eligible to apply for additional creative learning opportunities through the Young Scholars Program of the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation. Additional information will be mailed to eligible students later this year.

How will I be notified if my work is selected for a National Award?

National award winners receive an email notification along with an award notification packet mailed to the students’ home addresses. Portfolio Award recipients in art writing are notified in mid-March, with instructions on how to leverage scholarships from the Alliance Scholarship Provider Network. Other award recipients are notified during the 3rd week of March.

Student notification packets include a final release form and information about the National Awards Celebration. National Gold Award recipients MUST mail their artwork to the Alliance within one week of receiving email notification. A selection of the National Silver Award artwork may be requested by the Alliance as well. This artwork should also be mailed to the Alliance within one week of email notification.

What happens at the National Celebration Events?

All national award recipients (approximately 1,000 students) are invited to the National Celebration Events in New York City.

Due to limited seating at Carnegie Hall, each National Award recipient may only bring three guests to the National Awards Ceremony.

Teachers receive their own invitation. INVITATIONS ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE. During the Celebration Events, all national award recipients will be invited to participate in a series of cultural and career workshops led by leaders in the creative industries. Students who are unable to attend the National Celebration Events are mailed certificates and medals at their home address later in the summer.

Will the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers pay for my travel expenses to the National Awards Ceremony?

No, travel costs to attend the National Awards Events are the responsibility of the award recipients and their families. The Alliance, in partnership with Scholastic, tries to arrange discount offers on airfare and hotel accommodations for the events in NYC.

If I earn a National Award, will my artwork be exhibited?

A selection of nationally awarded art and writing will be on display during the National Celebration weekend in New York City. In past years, the exhibition has included American Voices/Visions Awards and Portfolio Gold Awards and Gold Award artwork.

If I earn a National Award, will my work be published?

All work receiving National Gold Awards and American Voices/Visions Awards will be included in the Alliance’s online gallery at http://www.artandwriting.org. All work by national award recipients is considered for publication, but not all can be included in the Alliance’s publications. Highlights of student artwork and writing from The Awards are featured in the Alliance’s national catalog and The Best Teen Writing. Other publishing opportunities may become available throughout the year. Students are notified when their work is published, and receive a copy of the publication in which their work appears.

When will my artwork be returned if I am selected as a National Award recipient?

All award-winning artwork may be requested and held by the Alliance for up to two years for additional exhibition possibilities. This work will be returned to the student’s home address, so please notify the Alliance if you move.

Why do you hold nationally selected artwork for two years?

Nationally recognized artwork is held for special showcase and exhibition opportunities. Each year, the Alliance works to secure Additional showcase opportunities beyond the National Student Art Exhibition. Last year, the Alliance displayed selected works from The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards at Scholastic Inc.’s corporate headquarters in New York City and the President’s Committee on the Arts And the Humanities, among other venues.

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