Rules and Regulations

New Mexico Regional Guidelines


Students enrolled in 7th-12th grades, 13 years and up, can enter their work into the competition. There are three judging divisions: 7th & 8th grades; 9th & 10th grades and 11th & 12th grades. Work should be entered on behalf of the student by their art teacher(s), or students/parents can enter work directly.

Work completed by 7th-12th graders during the 2018calendar year is eligible as long as the student is still attending the same school.  All regional and national guidelines must be followed. Work that has been previously entered in this or any other program is not eligible, unless submitted as part of a portfolio.  Pieces that have been formerly entered in an awards program and are included in a portfolio must include the words “former entry” on the entry form.  Art Portfolios (consisting of 8 individual works) may only be submitted by graduating seniors.  Please note:  this year photography and art portfolios will be submitted together under the “Art Portfolio” category.


This year, each teacher may submit as many artworks as eligible. Three works included in each portfolio may also be entered as individual pieces and are exempt from a teacher’s total individual count (but both both entry fees must be paid).

STEP #1: Create a login on the Scholastic site.  You must create a new login each year.

#2: Register all individual entries and portfolios online between September 12th, 2018 and December 14th, 2018 through the Registration section.

  •  From your Dashboard, click on “Add Student” from the Manage menu at left
  •  Fill out all student information (you will have to assign a password for each student — we recommend keeping these the same for all your students so you can easily remember them)
  •  Complete entry information for each piece (category, materials, sources.etc.)
  •  In next screen, click “Upload files” and select images(s) of work.
  •  Continue adding students and works until all are registered and images are uploaded
  •  Click on the Click Here to Print your Submission Forms button and print two copies of each entry – one for you to keep, and one to submit
  •  Make sure the copy of the form you’ll be submitting has three signatures: the student’s, a parent’s or guardian’s, and you as the teacher
  •  Photography and Film & Animation submissions will also need a Photography Consent Form for every recognizable person

* If you have any issues using the site’s Upload Works section or need to submit works on CD/DVD, please see the contact us menu on our home page

STEP #3: Calculate the amount owed for your students and prepare one check for the total.  There is an entry fee of $5 per individual submission and $20 per portfolio submission.  Students who register both a portfolio and an individual work of art from their portfolio will have to pay both fees.  Make the check payable to New Mexico Art Educators Association. Note: Students who qualify for the Federal Student Lunch Program may have the submission fee waived.

STEP #4: Mail in one copy of each Submission Form along with the check to:

NM Scholastic Art Awards

920 Calle Coronado SE

Albuquerque, NM 87123



Winning students and teachers will be posted on after judging is complete.  Begin checking the website January 4th, 2019.

If a student’s work is chosen as a winner, the original artwork is to be brought to Warehouse 508 @ 508 1st St. NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102 , or send the original to 920 Calle Coronado SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123 by 5 PM,  January 18th, 2019.

Artwork for the show must adhere to the following format:

For 2D

Clearly label all artwork, both on the entry form and directly on the back of the piece with the student’s name, school, city, and title of work.  Adhere one copy of the completed entry form to the back of the artwork with acid free artist tape, clear packing tape, or masking tape.  Do not use duct tape. 2D work must be mounted to rigid board for reinforcement and protection. All mats must be white. No inside mats of another color will be allowed.

No frames, glass, plexiglass or woods strips.  Canvas entries are accepted on wooden supports.  Protect 2-D surfaces.  Drawing, especially pastels and charcoal must be fixed with appropriate fixative. Protecting pastel or charcoal surfaces with transparent sheets, such as glassine, acetate or cellophane is highly recommended.

For 3D

Clearly label all artwork both on the entry form and on the back or bottom of the piece with the student’s name, school, city, and title of the work. Adhere one copy of completed entry form to the back or bottom.  The entry form should be tied on the jewelry.


All winning work will be shown at Warehouse 508 in Albuquerque, NM February 1st – March 23rd, 2019.  Please plan to pick up your piece(s) on March 23rd after the awards ceremony.  For the security and enjoyment of all participants, artwork may not be removed from the gallery prior to the end of the exhibition.

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