The Future New Awards


The Future New Awards


The Future New category asks students to produce work that challenges the boundaries of the Scholastic Awards’ current categories.

Future New means on the cutting edge of creative practice. Work submitted to this category should address the issues and concerns of our time through conceptual, social, or political content. Work can be executed as—but is not limited to—installation art, performance art*, interactive text, sound art, re-purposed materials, or new and applied technologies. Along with the work, the student must submit a written statement that describes in detail the processes used to create the work and/or relevant content that situates the work as innovative. A Future New work must be both thought-provoking and reflect creative excellence.

Send Future New Submission Forms to:

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards
ATTN: Future New
557 Broadway
New York, NY 10012


A Future New work must be both thought-provoking and reflect creative excellence!

Future New is all about breaking boundaries!

The 2014 Future New 3D Design medalists are Elbert Han for Metamorphosis, Eric Voorhis for Visual Representations of Audio Files (Various Artists), and TJ Gascho for EGG-SCAPE. You can see their Award-winning works below!







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